Augmented Reality Module

ar module

Interaction Design • Interface Design

Our team of iOS/Unity developers and Esri experts created an augmented reality module that fit seamlessly inside an already existing app to help government workers locate problem areas at a near granular level.

user needed

  • To locate problem systems while in the field
  • To be able to easily access augmented reality view
  • To be able to set different distance contexts

client NEEDED

  • A testing module for future app releases
  • The module to stay within brand guidelines

understanding augmented reality

Entering into AR Mode


Though I knew what it was, this was my first time delving into augmented reality. A developer and I spent time discussing the power and shortcomings of GPS enabled AR and these discussions helped modify this module for contextual user testing.


Solving user interaction and visual consistencies


Early ar objects Design

Final execution

CREDITS Director: Kim adams • developer: james derry • agency: astadia