WordWhat!? is a education mobile word game we designed and developed that teaches vocabulary through fresh game play, bright colors and fun illustrations.


My Role

Visual designer, interaction designer, illustrator

Final Team composition

Designer & developer


Version 1

This iOS apps started life as a university project with a team of 7 students: 5 developers and 2 designers. Right from the start, we were in over our heads, but that just made us try harder. We learned how to collaborate and communicate as our two disciplines had never had to work with each other before.


Version 2

After graduating, only three of us resolved to continue design and development on the game. For a limited time, this version made it to Apple's App Store. Unfortunately, it suffered from patch up jobs in both design and development. It was difficult to update and we were separately learning a tremendous amount about our respective disciplines, making us want to rebuild the game from the ground up.


Version 3

Originally set to release at the end of 2015, the final two members of our group decided to disband to focus more on our careers. This version of the app, featured a complete redesign from the ground up. Illustrations, game play, interaction all received a deep makeover.


Rethinking the game play


Everything else


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