Other Work

other work

Below is a random assortment of other work from school, small projects, and projects I’ve had much smaller roles within. Enjoy!


warehouse management Dashboard

I was the secondary interaction designer and then lead interaction designer for 3 phases. The worked revolved around helping warehouse managers get a better grasp on both tactical and strategic planning, asset, and resource management. There were also lighter touches on both supply chain efficiency, client relationship management, and employee health. Our team conducted interviews, toured working facilities, built out a full set of interactive wireframes, three prototypes, and a fully coded and comped single page proof-of-concept.


Reimagining talent supply

Our team was tasked with reimagining a 400k+ company’s contract hiring service and experience that takes as long as 65 days down to 3 days. Other deliverables included short and long term solutions that could then be developed into a road map for change.

The current and future journey maps were my largest contributed deliverable. Both maps were highly researched from our small team based on several days of workshops, 30+ global interviews, and a tremendous amount of sit-down and review time with our stakeholders.

We ultimately proposed hundreds of solutions, with our complete overhaul solution able to pull in much more talented employees within 5 days.


Well water management

Flow was brought to us as part of an internship for an entrepreneurial program in which students were able to pitch to real clients. I came in to help the students with their presentation pitch which included several high level mobile app and web screens. I worked on both the interaction and visuals. Recently, I was told that the students continued their efforts based on the work we did together and was eventually developed and pitched to Shell as a solution.


Revamping our onboarding process

I came on mostly as a visual designer on this project to lay out the findings and process that had already been described. This work was later presented as 15ft print out during our internal company conference.


Overhauling school lunch applications

After our studio was acquired, we had a lull in our project pipeline. When one of our co-workers brought this hack-a-thon to our attention, several of us jumped at the opportunity. We spent a few weeks completely reimagining the flow that helps parents apply for free or reduced school lunches. We didn’t win the hack-a-thon, but the work helped us win work with California’s health care system.


early career and student work

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