Apache Investors & Media

Interaction Design • Interface Design • Information Architecture

We created a solution that gave Apache's mobile users quick viewing of stock market prices and easy access to a multitude of information sources.

USER needed

  • A priority on latest stock price information
  • Easy access to latest news and information

Client Needed

  • Output platform for public relations information
  • Stage for media experience
  • A repository of web based information

Early Site Map


revisited App Map and Flow

The app flow and map needed to be completely redesigned to improve the user experience. The original process lacked discipline and included pages that were unnecessary for the user.


The massive amount of information that the client was requesting to put inside of the app was the biggest problem we faced. We reconciled this problem by creating a navigational system that keeps all information within two clicks. 


sketches working out information overload problems


The Dashboard allowed the user to dig deep into the information without taking them to another screen. In retrospect, the dial navigation is interesting, but we should have recommended less overall information inside of the app to improve purpose.



Early Interface Designs


After several meetings with the developers, our two person design team handed off our Photoshop files to the development team. We included thorough recommendations and offered video production of the interactions. 


Final updated Compositions

Graphic Standards


CREDITS co-designer: marcia hoang • developer: Velvetech • agency: origin