Rookie's Guide to Baseball

rookie's guide to baseball

Interaction Design • Interface Design • Illustration • Education

Landing screen
I created a field guide that would benefit the experience of being at a baseball game by putting an emphasis on visual context 
and terminology.


  • Create an app interface based on any subject

Personal Challenge

  • Create an education based app 
  • Make sense of an intricate game such as baseball so that it would be easy to explain to a person new to the game
  • Convey a rich sense of nostalgia through graphic design

Early Interface Design

Final Compositions

Graphic Standards



This was the first mobile app I ever attempted to design for. I still enjoy the idea and hope to some day to make this app a reality. I do realize that there are numerous problems here and a redesign would be necessary. My primary attack would make the Positions Screen the main screen and core of the app.