Interaction Design • Interface Design • Illustration • Education

We designed and developed a mobile word game that teaches vocabulary through fresh game play, bright colors and fun illustrations.


  • Create a health or education app 

personal challenge

  • Create an app that helps strengthen a user's vocabulary
  • Create a unique word based game 
  • Entertain the user with quick gaming feedback
  • Make the game as easy to play as possible

original brainstorming whiteboards and interfaces



This was originally a university project assigned to a group of 7 students (2 designers and 5 developers). From the beginning, we were in over heads and ended up with a cute mess. After graduating, three of us resolved to continue design and development on the game. This version is currently in Apple's App Store, however it suffers from patch up jobs in design and development. Our game sits in its third iteration with 2 of the remaining members completely redesigning the game from the ground up.


App Map and Flow

Recent sketches and the beginning of a complete revamp


Final Compositions

Graphic Standards


CREDITS development: Sally ransom • chris gonzalez